Service Units

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 Terms and conditions – Service Units


VDG Security B.V. registered by statute in Haaksbergen, with offices in Zoetermeer.
Chamber of Commerce no. 30191139

VDG agrees to loan Customer the goods described below.

Service unit
1x Service unit casing: €500,-
1x Server (and 3x HDD): €2.500,-
8x Accessory: €10,- (per piece)

Article 1 Usage and pricing
1.1 Service unit is available for € 15,00 per day unless stated otherwise in a valid maintenance contract.
1.2 Usage of Service unit is calculated starting on date of shipment by VDG and will be calculated until the Service unit is received in the warehouse of VDG.
1.3 On-site replacement is possible at a rate of € 115,00 per hour, excluding travel expense, unless stated otherwise in a valid maintenance contract.
1.4 VDG will invoice the costs for the Service unit every month, regardless of reference number of Customer.

Article 2 Shipping and returning
2.1 The Service unit will be sent to Customer in the Service unit casing, sealed with (white) sealing strip. When Customer notices the (white) sealing strip is missing upon arrival, Customer is obligated to notify VDG immediately. If Customer does not inform VDG, Customer will be held responsible for the completeness of the content of the Service unit.
2.2 Footage on the Service unit is expected to be removed from the Service unit before returning, conform the reset procedure.
2.3 When returning the Service unit, Customer should use the (white) sealing strip which is supplied within the Accessory box.
2.4 VDG will check the content and condition of the Service unit upon arrival, in case of any deviation VDG will be entitled to charge Customer the corresponding value.

Article 3 Other
3.1 If the “warranty void seal” on the Service Unit is broken VDG is entitled to charge the value of the Server to Customer.
3.2 VDG is not liable for loss of any information on Service unit.
3.3 This loan agreement is subject to the general terms and conditions of VDG. By signing this agreement, Customer declares to have received and taken note of these general terms and conditions.