About VDG Security

Driven By Innovation

About VDG

We develop the most creative and flexible video management solution worldwide. VDG stands for Video Development Group. We offer innovative solutions to any security need.

Founded in 1996, we have gathered many years of experience and knowledge of the requirements of high-end video security systems. Our team consists only of highly educated and experienced employees, always striving to exceed customer expectations and continue to develop innovative solutions.

Our headquarters is located in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. In 2008 the TKH Group N.V. acquired VDG Security B.V. to expand her portfolio of security solutions with a valuable and high-end video management solution.

Our Mission and Vision

It is our mission to be a major contributor to a safe and secure place for everyone, by developing the most innovative and flexible video management solution worldwide.
Developing tailor-made ground-breaking video management applications with focus on vertical markets (infrastructure, building and parking, healthcare and retail). Offering total video security systems from single- to multi-site and corporate environments.

Our organisation is flexible and easy approachable with commitment to our partners and customers, where reliability and service is of paramount importance.
Innovation is driven throughout the company by the mindset of the people and their continuous search for new possibilities and applications of our software. Our software is developed with the focus on openness, usability and simplicity.


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About Timme Grijpink
Managing Director

Timme completed his study in electrical engineering and earned his bachelor degree in engineering management in 2009. Since then, Timme’s career at VDG Security has grown from Business Development Manager and Export Manager to becoming Managing Director of VDG Security in November 2011.

Timme: “My personal goal is to bring VDG Security to market leadership in tailor-made and ground-breaking video management applications. I am confident we have the knowledge and technologies to do so.”





About the TKH Group N.V.

The TKH Group N.V. specializes in the development and delivery of systems and networks for the provision of information, telecommunication, electrotechnical engineering and industrial production. Founded in 1930, the TKH Group N.V. has a rich history in the development and production of electrotechnical engineering. The TKH Group N.V. is now one of the world’s leading providers of telecom solutions, building solutions and industrial solutions, and is active in 24 countries worldwide.

More information about the TKH Group N.V. can be found on the corporate website: www.tkhgroup.com.



TKH Security Solutions

TKH Security Solutions ensures complete security systems that meet your needs. TKH strives to improve public safety and mobility through high-quality, reliable, and innovative security solutions. The main goal is to ensure the success of business partners through strategic and customized solutions. Their technologies are developed specifically for access control, intrusion detection, video management, and surveillance applications. This streamlines time-to-market, despite each technology and system tailored to meet project and customer requirements.  More info on www.tkhsecurity.com.

About VDG Sense

VDG Sense is our video management software (VMS). With VDG Sense you have control of all live images and stored video data, in a user-friendly interface. It is scalable from just a few, to a few hundred cameras and other connected devices. Integration in any (video) security environment and with any security device is made easy through an open platform, a well-documented API and ONVIF support.